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Don't Believe These 6 Myths of Menstruation

When menstruation, some women may feel a variety of discomfort, ranging from mood swings to annoying stomach cramps. The discomfort is often exacerbated by anxiety due to myths circulating about menstruation that have not been proven true. Down and down, we are often presented with a variety of restrictions that should not be done during menstruation. In fact, the myth of menstruation is usually only based on the beliefs circulating in the community, without any scientific proof. Myths about Menstruation So that the myths about menstruation do not make you worry, first check the truth of the following myths: 1. Must not wash hair Menstrual myths circulating say that washing hair during menstruation is not good to do. This is not proven. Not shampooing can actually interfere with comfort and personal hygiene. Bathing and washing hair actually makes your body feel more comfortable during menstruation you know. 2. Cannot exercise During menstruation the body will tend to get ti
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Difference in heartburn caused by stomach and heart disease

Heartburn is often considered a symptom of gastritis (stomach disease). But actually, this complaint can also be a symptom of a heart attack. Then, how to distinguish heartburn in stomach and heart disease? Heartburn can occur due to various things, ranging from anxiety, satiety, inflammation of the stomach (gastritis), stomach acid disease (GERD), gallstones, to heart disease. Each disease that can cause heartburn complaints have different symptoms. Although only 3.6% of patients with a heart attack complain of heartburn, and 5% of patients who complain of chest pain radiating to the solar plexus, these symptoms should not be ignored. Heartburn in heart attacks is generally experienced by people with diabetes (diabetes). Know the Difference Between Heartburn In Stomach and Heart Disease In order not to confuse heart pain due to gastric or heart disease, here are the differences between the two: Heartburn in heart disease In heart disease or heart attack, the characteristics of

Recognize 7 Habits That Make Betah Acne on the Face

Acne on the face can cause discomfort and interfere with appearance. Who is not annoyed when they find out that there are pimples that appear when looking in the mirror? Without realizing it, there are some daily habits that can cause acne to appear. Come on, know what are the habits so that the face free of acne. Various habits that cause acne Beware of the following habits, because they may unwittingly cause acne. Wash your face too often A dirty face is often considered a cause of acne. However, washing your face too often is also not good, because it can make the face lose skin's natural oils and encourage the skin to produce more oil. The effect, acne will re-emerge. Now, so that you don't experience this problem, it is recommended to wash your face twice a day. When washing your face, you can use warm water or clean water, and facial cleansing soap with a mild formulation. Apply a facial cleanser using your fingertips and massage gently. Avoid using a wash